I just bought the lamp. After intalling it on the ceiling it started to generate the low frequency humming noise. The noise gets louder when the light is dimmer(!) Using it at night with ambilight only is impossible because of the unbearable humming noise.
The noise is weaker if I take the lampshade off. With the lampshade it resonates more.
Is this factory fault ot that lamp? What should I do?

I kinda solved it. The problem was with earth/ground green-yellow wire. I disconnected it and the noise is gone. Now the ceiling lamp works good and it’s quiet. Since it’s mounted high and no one is going to touch it - there are no safety concerns, at least AFAIK.

I have the same issue and same happens when I unplug the ground wire.
But I do not believe it to be a fix.
Also the light gets pretty hot. I mean the whole case gets hot.
I was unplugging it because the noise is unbearable and even the screws were hot. Not that it would burn me. But still hotter as I would expect/like.

Has anybody any other suggestion how to fix this, the humming/buzzing without unplugging the ground?