Devices shared to me disappeared in Yeelight app


We have shared Yeelight ceiling light devices from one account to another account.
It was working fine.
However, all of the sudden, all the devices shared to my account disappeared in my yeelight app.
We have tried to un-share the devices and share again but the error message we have got is the device has been shared with him/her. However, I still cannot see the devices in my yeelight app.

Suspect that this is a data sync issue between the server and mobile app.

Can you please help to remove all the associated yeelight devices from my account?


Are you shared your home to another account in Mi Home app?

Yes, we have shared home also, I think we manage to figure this out that we cannot shared home and devices at the same time… > <

After removing home sharing, we can share device again.

The problem is resolved now. Thanks

If you shared your home to account A. A can’t see any devices in Yeelight app. Even if you share a single device to others. He(Her) could not receive it. Because Mi Home has not authorized the Yeelight app.