Mi LED Desk Lamp update problem


When Intry to update my xiaomi mi led desk lamp in yeelight app, it will stuck on 40%. I tried lixin account (not working anymore) and I tried to reset lamp and also nothing.

I realized also that this desk lamp dissapeared from my connected google home app as well. I have at home 1 yee bulb and 1 yee rgb strip. I can see both of them in google home but no desk lamp. Any help please? Its very pointless have smart light when there are not working :frowning:

Thanks for all helps :slight_smile:

With the latest policy of Mijia, they don’t allow 3-rd partner control devices with brand Mijia. So you can’t see these devices from google home/Alexa/IFTTT. If you want to control these devices that disappear from google home/Alexa/IFTTT, please try with mihome skill.

please advise how we can update desk lamp.
stuck at 40%.

Hello, I need to know more details.

  1. What’s the model of your lamp? You can view it in Device Info feature of Yeelight app.
  2. What’s the server are you choose?
  3. What’s your lamp firmware version now?
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Model: MJTD01YL
Server: oceania / singapore
Firmware now: 1.3.7_0058

Firmware available: 1.3.9_0062

Logout your account and login with account: dingyichen@yeelink.net , Password: yeelink1234 from Yeelight application.

Then Try update the firmware.

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Hello. Need to login use the CHINA server? or Oceania Singapore

Better china. I’m not sure.