Yeelight - Problems with everything

I’ve bought a Yeelight bulb light, and it was the worst purchase of my life.

I’ve connected it to yeelight app, mihome and alexa.
It works for a few minutes, then it won’t detect the light anymore. At the time i gave up after so many attempts.

Today i tried again. I’ve updated the firmware.
WiFi 2.4Ghz.

  1. Adding the bulb to yeelight app
    I’ve tried to add the bulb many times. The process always end in the connecting part. It reaches 25% and won’t go past that saying the connection failed

  2. Adding the bulb to mihome
    I can go throw all the steps, and in the end when i choose to which room i want to add the bulb, i choose and then the bulb doesn’t appear in my Devices.

  3. Alexa, haven’t even tried this time

I tried many many times, and still no luck.

Again, so disappointed with this product.
I’ve tr

Worst product of m’y home too. Sorry i can’t help. But thèse bulbs are just useless tbh.

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Hi, what’s the model of your bulb? That looks like “YL****YL”

It’s the second generation of yeelight bulb.

I’ve changed the servers to China, Singapure and even my country or Europe. I can now make them work in both Alexa, MiHome and yeelight app.
But, on the next day the connection is gone…

Really worst product ever.