Using Yeelight without Internet

Dear Support!

I am a proud owner of 5 yeelight RGB color lightbulbs. I live in Hungary.
I work in the film industry as a director of photography. I am barely at home so I decided not to use internet in my apartment. This results of course that I Can not use my bulbs properly.
My question is whether there is a slightly chance that you are working on a fimrware(?) which allows me to use my bulbs?

What I do not have is internet network although I still have a router and mobile data on my phone.

Of course I do not understand perfectly how your products work but I would love to use these at home without internet and also I was thinking about taking them to shootings in practical lights. As you could understand that is not possible until they require internet all place all time. I might want to use them in the woods for example…

Anyhow first things first right now I would be happy to bé able to use them at home without internet.
Thank you for your help!


Turn on LAN control in the app for each light bulb. This step requires internet. Then you have several options. 1) homekit, or homebridge if the model doesn’t support homekit 2) home assistant 3) other third party software that works with yeelight
Please, smart home and internet, have both or neither. Just my opinion

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