Yeelight V2 RGB doesn't work properly with Google Home and turns out blue


I have always used my yeelight RGB v1 and V2 with Google Home. Since today, when I want to dim the lights via Google home, the yeelight V2 turns blue and won’t change to any color anymore. However the v1 works fine. the color. It’s really strange. I have updated the yeelight V2 though the yeelight app, but the error still remains. What should I do?

@yusure Please help take a look


Please show me your Xiaomi ID, let me check it for you.

hello, I have the exact same problem, I can still tweak the colours with the yeelight app, but from google home, it always went to blue

What type of color bulb do you use? please give me a device list screenshot and your Xiaomi ID.

I have two yeelink.light.color2, so it’s the RGB v2 and my mi id is 1726829387

Same problem here!!! Yeelight RGB V2. It used to work flawlessly… we need a solution!

Everything is working flawlessly now! As I see there is a lot of people with the same problem, I’ll tell you what I have done. First of all I have uninstalled Xiaomi Home app, leaving only Yeelight installed (both of them were installed), then I opened Google home, then went through add, setup device, then “I have something already set up”. Here I have deleted Xiaomi home account, I then tapped on Yeelight account and choosed reconnect. This is what fixed the issue I guess, but for the sake of completeness I’ll also tell you that right after I have also added in Google home another the RGB bulb I had laying around (a V1 in this case, which was already registered in a light up). After that I have tried again and and both the colour palette in in Google home and the color voice command for Google assistant started working again flawlessly!
I was using Frankfurt server and I haven’t changed that.

I have later re-installed Mi Home app and everything is still working from any of the method I choose to send the light commands (yeelight app, mi home app, google home app or google assistant voice commands). Great! :slight_smile:

Yep… Same problem with color bulb v2. it worked just fine and then suddenly it stopped working. if i add the device after reset it says the connection timed out. i can see it in the list of clients in the router but won’t add it in the app. If I use China server it works but says no firmware update

I have the same issue! Lights used to go blue instead of anything else! Now NOTHING WORKS, all lights appear “OFFLINE”

Same problem here. Everything was working just fine, and suddenly none of my four color bulbs work. I reconfigured one after selecting the China server and it worked, so it seems to be a problem with the american server. Gonna wait a day to see if Xiaomi fix it.

also the Frankfurt . only China works

Have you tried what I did a few posts above? I’m using Frankfurt server and everything works flawlessly now.

There’s something wrong with server Frankfurt and American, and now the issue was fixed. Please have a try again.

Same issue here. Wrong colors and brightness with all my Yeelight V2 RGB. I tried uninstalling and installing mi home from phone and from google home. also tried to connect Yeelight with google home instead of me home but again nothing. Is there something else i can do. My Yeelights are practically unusable right now with this problem.

One of my 3 bulbs are doing that, it’s also a V2 RGB yeelink.light.color2 bulb. But my issue is not with blue, if I send a command like “blue” if blinks blue and goes back to a white-ish color immediately. I’m using LAN mode mostly. The other bulbs are programmed to have the same color as the problematic one, and those are working flawlessly. I have reset the problematic bulb and changed the Wi-Fi too. MI ID: 6251904235