已经试过重连很多次 还是会经常离线 帐号6252516375


Dear Team,

Customer MI ID 6297141100

I had installed 4 sets of yeelight strip with extension in my kitchen and recently purchased 6 yeelight candela ambiance light.

Since today morning, 2 of the yeelight strip is showing “offline” and it is not functioning. The same issue exists with 2 of my yeelight candela ambience light, it shows as “offline” and doesn’t work.

I have almost 45 Philip’s Hue bulbs in my house and till date they have never given me a problem. I wanted to replace all my Hue bulbs with Mi Bulbs, seeing this offline issue, I am doubtful of yeelights now.

Is there a solution to function back my yeelights that currently has offline issues. If so please help me.

Best regards

Harris Khan

Why would you replace hue with yeelight? I want to do the opposite