Yeelight still not compatible with WPA3


I still have problem with connecting Yeelight strip to my Google WiFi with WPA3 enabled. When I turn off WPA3 security the LED strip working again without problem. Will it be solved in firmware update? Thanks


I have same the Problem!


I have the same issue with Fritz access points and a Yeelight bulb.

I have that issue and make me nuts do you think they will update there frameware for wpa3 or we are dommed

Still the same here with Yeelight Staria Bedside lamp, Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp Pro and 1S.
The devices connect randomly for a short period (I can see it in the router interface), but disconnect again after some time. In the yeelight and mi home app the devices show permanently offline while most of the attempts, maybe the connection is too short. When WPA2 only mode is active, all is fine.
Router is an AVM FritzBox 7590 with FW 5.39!

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It seems no one is working to fix this problem.
My advice would be to use a separate guest network with wpa2 for these devices.