Yeelight YLXD02YL Mi Home connection issue

Hi I’m new to smart home and I’ve bought the Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD02YL 650 as my first device. I’ve managed to connect to it to our wifi once I’ve set a password with Yeelight App but Mi Home is unable to find the light. I’ve switched to Mainland China and it appeared there and I was able to connect with unacceptable delay. Yeelight is using Frankfurt but setting Germany in Mi Home didn’t help. I’ve updated to latest firmware 1.5.9_0053 but still no luck. I did reset the app many times but I’m unable to connect to it.

My ID: 1550943375

You need to be on the same server, for a start (in yeelight and mihome). You only add it in 1 app and you will see it in other. I suppose mihome in europe doesn’t support 650. use china server.

Is Germany in Mi Home the same server as Frankfurt in Yeelight? If so then I’m not sure what’s wrong. No this light shoud be supported as I’ve seen atleast 3 Czech reviews that used Mi Home and it found it instantly. I don’t believe that all 3 used China as the primary server as the response was instant.

All xiaomi devices are region specific. Even Yeelight. So if your device is not for international market then it won’t work on Europe region in MiHome. Yeelight uses the SAME servers as MiHome, but doesn’t impose regional restrictions in their app.

So the only solution for mihome is to use it on china server.

P.S. the response is instant with china server too if you use remote or other wireless zigbee switches, also from Yeelight and Mihome apps if you set LAN mode in Yeelight app.

Hm, you’re right it could have been the LAN mode. I’ve double checked the reviews and 1 of them actually said in comments that china is required and the in the other video only people in comments were having the same issue. I guess you’re right and I’ll need to use either China or the Yeelight.

Definitely. It has been discussed here in forum several times. I use china server and it is not that bad. Everything works great as far as automations are concerned etc, only he mobile phone is slow, but Zigbee switches, sensors, etc all work fine.

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