Ceiling Light 650 (YLXD02YL) stop working

Hi together,
after a software update it was for me no longer possible to save the configuration oft the main and the ambient light of my lamp.
For the first time i´m not giving a rip of it, but a few days later the whole lamp stop working.

Now i can only hear a high-pitched buzzing sound from the device and i think there are problems with the switching regulator on the board.

Now what can i do?
I bought the device on aliexpress from “Yeelight-Online Store”.
From your experience you maybe know the exactly problem on the board or is it possible to get a new board.

Thanks all for your help

After waiting a long time and getting no help from the support…
I start to find the failure by myself… and after I opened the lamp and watching the pcb I was realy shocked about the presented “quality”.
I´m working as a electrical engineer and i saw a lot of bad electroinic. But such things i saw at least 20 or more years ago…
One side looks ok, but on the other side

It´s realy a shame to produce such a scrap and when it´s broken absolutely no meaningful help not even a schematic plan for me repairing it by myself.

Now for me the next stepts are to post the following pictures in other forums to get help somewhere else.

For info: The pictures are before I try to repair the board;)

Woah, and i thought my board looked iffy…who the hell makes these things anyway. There’s random crap on the PCB like i’ve never seen before…

Did you manage to fix it? I also have a problem with my Yeelight 650, the BLUE LED is ALWAYS ON. However i am not an electrical engineer and had little luck figuring out what is wrong (other than a possible short SOMEHWERE).

No sorry.
No serious support, no schematic or pcb layout and till now no time for searching by myself.

It´s only sad to buy a not cheap artikel and get such a scrappy shit.
They should be shamed to sell such poor soldered pcbs and let the consumer alone
with this broken trash.

Only a typical china product like other ones;(

Hi Hottex, if you still have your YLXD02YL, I would be interested in buying you your broken device. Witch version is it? Starry or White?