Yeelight Bluetooth Mesh Version E14 + Xiaomi Yeelight Bluetooth Remote Control?

I am looking for a light bulb that can be controlled by a Bluetooth remote.

I came across this Yeelight YLDP09YL Bluetooth Mesh Version E14 3.5W Smart LED Candle Light Bulb on Aliexpress.

It is a Bluetooth light bulb. Does it work with the Xiaomi Yeelight Bluetooth Remote Control which is a Bluetooth device as well?

Hi laukok,

Did you find answer to this question? Have you tried this maybe?

I’m also considering to buy the same light bulb and have several remote controls already and would be great to be able to control the bulbs with them.


I bought that mesh version light bulb but it needs a mesh gateway to work. so i don’t think the remote control can worth with a mesh tech.

If it ever works on your attempt, please let me know.