What happens when smart bulb is turned off/on from dumb wall switch?

Can’t seem to find an answer anywhere. I’d like to know how yeelight smartbulb (e.g. YLDP13YL) acts when turned off and on with a normal wall switch. Does it turn on to a default colour/brightness? Does it turn on remembering the last state it was in? Or does it just turn on with no light and you’d then have to use the app?

I have a white Philips hue bulb that I use mainly because I can dim it when I want. But it’s useful that I and other guests are able to use a dumb light switch and it will turn back on to a default max brightness, essentially acting like a dumb bulb. I would like to move over to Yeelight but want to know how they act with dumb switches first.


There’s a feature of “Default State”, you can config what you want.