Hello Need Help with my Light Bulb.

Hello I new on this forum… I Have tried to find some anwser how to recovery my Yeelight led bulg color but can´t find any result to get it to work.
last week when iam playing movies the pair of led bulb set at 30% of dim on software (android phone).
one of the bulb after some time get some defect and become flash all colors and not link with yeelight app on the phone says its have disconnected. the Led dont have 3 months somenthing about 90 hours of power. one of them i get on brazil (mercadolivre) and another in paraguay (ciudad del lest). maybe those come the same place but only one died.

I have purchesed these lamps because I have broken the leg and need easy way to get lights on. I have the video from disco mode. the led lamp if away from me for now to put the code.

I have tried remove the lamp for 5 hours, alot of trying to reset on the fast swicth mode and it not working anymore, still stuck on disco mode.


Thanks in advance.