Finding Yeelight E27 HomeKit pairing code

I have 4 Yeelight E27’s which are setup and working with Google Home. I’ve then installed Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi 4 and it has discovered the 4 lights, however when I click configure it asks ‘Pair with HomeKit Accessory Enter your HomeKit pairing code (in the format XXX-XX-XXX) to use this accessory’
Could you point me to where I could find this code? it doesn’t appear on the bulb itself or listed anywhere in the Xiaomi Home app

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I have the same issue. It would be great if Yeelight would make it possible to recover the Homekit pairing codes. Is there a solution?

You could just use Home Assistant Yeelight Integration or just use HomePass and extract the HomeKit codes after paring the devices with HomeKit.

Hi, so to find the pairing code remove the bulb from the fixture you have it in. The code will be on the bulb itself to be able to scan. I just figured it out recently