Yeelight RGB Light Strip does not support white?

I bought a Yeelight RGB Light Strip and I would like to set white. Is there any way to get white? In colors I always achieve only a light blue.

Thank you… :slight_smile:

It seems this issue has existed at least since 2018 so don’t hold your breath waiting for a solution from Yeelight.
I got same issue and it seems only way to fix this is to return Yeelight to store and replace them with decent product from some other brand

If you make favorite for i.e. RGB bulb and set it to white, you can then apply this favorite to LED strip.

It is not true. If I set white to a Yeelight bulb then I can’t transfer its colors to the LED strip.

Well, I have white and it works for me :slight_smile: And I see it on both bulbs and LED strip…

In Yeelight app? What version do you have?