Yeelight Bulb 1S (Color) won't setup

I received my Yeelight Color Bulb 1S (YLDP133EU) a few days ago, but I’m unable to set it up. I own 2 other Yeelights (color bulb 1 and 2) that work correctly.

In the Yeelight app, when I choose Add Device, the bulb is detected correctly. At about 45% progress the bulb starts flashing, so that looks good as well. But then the process proceeds very slowly to 100% and I get the message “Connection timed out”.

What I’ve tried to resolve this:

  • Multiple resets
  • Using the MiHome app
  • Different servers (China and Europe)
  • Assigning a static IP to the bulb’s MAC address

My MI ID is 1752990543.

I hope you can help me with this.

Never mind, I got it working.

I temporarily created an additional WiFi AP without password. The Yeelight was able to connect to that network. Updated the firmware and afterwards I connected it to my primary network.