Wakeup light „sunrise“ broken

It looks like the scene „sunrise“ is gone.
Only 4 are available. (see picture)

Because of this the automation is broken and fail

what can I do?

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Can someone of the team habe a look on it?
my Mi ID: 1586557618

xiaomi app has more presets than the yeelight app, but both are missing the „sunrise“ preset.

Which device do you have? And which server do you select?

Server I use is China Mainland and its a Yeelight 480 ceiling light i‘m talking about.

todax it started but not with sunrise mode but with standard light. (was a hard kick start in the day for me :high_brightness::flushed:)

@dingyichen any suggestion?

Hello, will fix very soon.

sunrise is broken again.

this this hit you „ in your face“ with full brightnes st the moment.

please check and fix.

Mine too,in fact this function rarely work

Dear Yeelight staff, could you please advice, will there be any fix to sunrise mode?
Now it works inadequate, when setting an alarm it goes very bright since turning on.

Hello, any news about this problem?