Yeelight app shows all devices as offline

I have 7 yeelights (6 bulb 2 color, and 1 ceiling light), and all shows as alternating offline/online status in the app.
This causes I’m unable to control them via app/Google Home.

I have checked in the router, all devices are on and connected.

I have tried power cycling but do not resolve the issue.
I have tried to reset 1 bulb, but unable to get it reconnected to the wifi, so i havent tried the others yet.

Me to. Try on off switch of yeelight 1-3 time. It work for me.

I have the same (I opened another topic a week ago).
Switching off and on works for some hours but then the same.
I also removed all the devices and added again…
It doesn’t work and it is frustrating having something that you should be able to turn on/off just with the voice and you need to physically use a switch.

I have my lights for an year and no issue… after the last firmware upgrade the lamps are either connected to the router but offline or disconnected from the router.

Just a coincidence?

This is a bit frustrating. All my lights show offline for a couple of days now. I’m using the German server but didn’t have any luck with the others also. Any updates yeelight?

Hi all, which device do you have? Could you give a product link of the bulb you have? And please provider your xiaomi account.

How about logout and login yeelight app to see if the bulb is back online?

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Hello. The problem still persists. I am on iOS device. I use the YLDP02YL color light bulbs. I have logged out and relogged, reset bulbs, changed server, reboot router. Nothing works. Sometimes it shows up as soon as I reboot and then stop working or the states are totally wrong. My ID is 1667687011

Tengo el mismo problema algunas veces funciona otras no, la mayoría de las horas offiline, arreglarlo
Mi id:1602832977

Hi, it seem the issue resolved by itself the few days later.
However, now i might have a dead bulb as it keeps turning off itself after few hours.