Yeelight Crystal Pendant Light constantly disconnects from wifi


My Yeelight Crystal Pendant Light constantly disconnects from wifi. I then have to manually reset the device (power off, power on) to bring it back online. This happens multiple times a day, which is an undesireable situation.

I already tried replacing my WiFi equipment (from Asus to Ubiquity). Still the same problems. Can you suggest what to do? Thanks.

FW: 2.0.6_0042
Server: Frankfurt
Ubiquity Unifi AC PRO
2.4Ghz and 5Ghz have seperated SSID’s

Hello, this is a bug of the underlying driver of the chip, which is being resolved by the manufacturer. We will push the upgrade once it is fully tested.

OK - thanks for your reply. When will you expect the update to be released and is it possible to get a beta release? Because the lamp is unusable in it’s current state.

Hi. I have the same problem. Can I get a beta version?

Good day. I have the same problem with 4 lamps I’m using (450mm and 480mm). All of them have firmware 2.0.2_0048

I have the same problem/firmware:

FW: 2.0.6_0042
Server: Frankfurt

Meteor LAMP eu/version

Same problem with around 8 ceiling lamps, can you please give me access to beta?
Server: china
Lamps: 480 and one pendant

Can I get the beta version?

I found the solution. The problem is not the lamps or the router or the server. The problem is the app that goes into sleep mode and causes the lamps to disconnect from the server. If you have Android 8 or higher, you have to go to options / application management / choose the yeeligth app and inside mark the options automatic start and energy saving without restrictions. Also give all the necessary permissions that exist … This solves the problem both in the app and in Google home … For help write to

Encontré la solución. El problema no son las lámparas ni el router ni el servidor. El problema es la app que entra en modo reposo y hace que las lámparas se desconecten del servidor. Si tienes Android 8 o superior tienes que ir opciones / administración de aplicaciones / elegir la app de yeeligth y dentro marcar las opciones inicio automático y ahorro de energía sin restricciones. Además darle todos los permisos necesarios que existan… Con esto se soluciona el problema tanto en la app como en Google home… Por ayuda escribir a

Sorry but this doesn’t seem plausible. The app doesn’t even have to run for lamps to connect to Wifi and stay connected. Which app anyway? Yeelight app? So what if you use MiHome app? The issue is either in the firmware of the bulb or in the router.

Agreed. The light connects to the yeelight cloud through wifi. This connection fails.

Eventually I flashed the meteorite with alternative firmware which improved wifi connectivity (to local MQTT server). But still random disconnects which can only be fixed with a power cycle. So pretty sure it’s hardware related.

Al parecer si la aplicación esta desactivada durante un tiempo Xiaomi pone como inactivas las lámparas por eso hay que encender y apagar la lámpara manualmente para que Xiaomi asigne una nueva ip a nuestras lamparas. Uso la aplicación de yeeligth

No, that is definitely NOT true. You don’t have to use the app at all! You can use smart switches etc, no need to run the app.

Yo acabo de comprar 2 lámparas crystal pendant light y no puedo conectarlas al wifi. Tengo un montón de tiras led y bombillas de otras marcas y no tengo problema, pero estas no puedo conectarlas, no se si es fallo de la App o que. Si alguien le pasa o puede ayudarme lo agradezco. Gracias!

hello, I just updated to firmware 2.0.6_0049 and after a few hours of disconnecting from the server, with the previous firmware, everything worked fine before the update. is it possible to downgrade? are there any solutions?

A similar problem with the YLXD76YL, signal level -36db, firmware 2.0.6_005, region - mainland china.
It can work for several days, but more often it loses connection after a few hours. Abnormal behavior compared to other ceiling lamps in the house. They have been working with the same router for years.

Hello, I have this same problem with my Yeelight Pendant Light since 1 month. It disconnects from wifi and I have to power Off and Power On the light to connect again.

Version of the Firmware : 2.0.5_0049
Serveur : European I think

I have 2 Ceiling, 3 spots and 1 desk lamp and no problem with these lights.

Thanks for helping me :slight_smile:

I have the same issue for about 2 months already…

3 years that I have this problem, Yeelight pendant disconnects continuously and I have to power off and on the light to make it works again…
Yeelight team, it’s time now to solve this problem, when we choose Yeelight products, it’s for the quality, otherwise we choose other connected light from AliExpress, it’s less expansive and it works…

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