Yeelight Crystal Pendant Light constantly disconnects from wifi


My Yeelight Crystal Pendant Light constantly disconnects from wifi. I then have to manually reset the device (power off, power on) to bring it back online. This happens multiple times a day, which is an undesireable situation.

I already tried replacing my WiFi equipment (from Asus to Ubiquity). Still the same problems. Can you suggest what to do? Thanks.

FW: 2.0.6_0042
Server: Frankfurt
Ubiquity Unifi AC PRO
2.4Ghz and 5Ghz have seperated SSID’s

Hello, this is a bug of the underlying driver of the chip, which is being resolved by the manufacturer. We will push the upgrade once it is fully tested.

OK - thanks for your reply. When will you expect the update to be released and is it possible to get a beta release? Because the lamp is unusable in it’s current state.

Hi. I have the same problem. Can I get a beta version?

Good day. I have the same problem with 4 lamps I’m using (450mm and 480mm). All of them have firmware 2.0.2_0048

I have the same problem/firmware:

FW: 2.0.6_0042
Server: Frankfurt

Meteor LAMP eu/version