Does Yeelight Ceiling require ground (earth) wire?


I just received my Yeelight Ceiling YLX05YL 480 and I was surprised that is has the possibility to connect the ground wire.

I saw some YouTube unboxings and they show this model with two connectors: live and neutral.

I have another Yeelight Ceiling light 650 and it also only works with these 2 wires.

But this light that I just bought has 3 connectors, in the instructions it says: “this product requires ground wire”

Does it also work safely without the ground wire? Because I don’t have the ground wire to connect to this light. What’s the differencd between this model the the others that doesn’t require grounding?

Yes, I think so.

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It’s okay. It’s not like you are going to touch the light after installation. The purpose of the ground wire is to prevent electrical shocks when a person touches an appliance

Has it caused problems or has it worked well? I also do not have the ground wire.

Yes it worked without any problem without the ground wire. Just be careful not to touch it with the switch on