Colour changes depending on time of the day

Hey, I have 1 yeelight strip and 2 color bulbs.

I would like them to switch on with different colours (and brightness) depending by the hour of the day.

For instance:

  • Morning time (after 6am and before 6pm): anytime I will switch the bulb “Bedroom” on, it will be white 100%

  • Evening time (after 6pm, or between sunset and sunrise): if I switch it on, it will be orange 50%.

I specify that the bulbs are ‘technically’ always on and connected to the internet, while I need to switch the lights on/off on need basis.

I hope I was clear. Any suggestion on how to do that?



Sorry, there’s no feature to change color depending on time of the day.

Thanks for the reply.

Is it not even possible with IFTTT workarounds or anything else?

You could do it from MIHOME but the light would need to be turned ON and then OFF for a brief time.

Great, can you explain me how? I don’t think it’s a problem what you said.

I didn’t try, it’s just an idea :slight_smile: Create scenes (maybee even in Yeelight app??) that would turn on specific scene at specific time, wait a bit and then turn off the bulb.

I created a scene. How can I set-it up to turn on at specific time?

I’m sorry but I tried and I dont find any option for the time. Thanks for the patience :slight_smile: