Xiaomi Home Automations can't delete


i have a Big Problem, so i hope somebody can help:

  1. I deleted my Gateway from Xiaomi Home. I had a lot of Devices connected and many Automations.
  2. after that I deleted all my Automations inside Xiaomi Home (the Hub was already unpaired)
  3. I paired my Gateway to Xiaomi Home
  4. I paired all my Child Devices to Xiaomi Home
  5. ALL MY DELETED AUTOMATIONS ARE STILL WORKING WITH MY SUBDEVICES. so I can not delete this Automations anymore (there is no Automation listed in Xiaomi Home)

I even tried to connect my Gateway to another Account, but the Automations even worked between two Accounts !!! (Gateway is connected to Account A and Yeelights are connected to Account B)

Hey man,

I have the same issue. I remove some automation from my mini light switch for example but it is still working with my subdevices. I am unable to make another configuration because of it.

Have you found a way to fix it?