How to pair Mesh product with Dimmer Wall Switch?

So I have several Mesh Ceiling Down Light (YLSD01YL) and Globe Bulb (YLDP10YL) connected to Xiaomi AI Speaker.

I wan’t to control lights without my phone and to do so I have bought lots of Dimmer Wall Switch (YLKG08YL).

At product page on Banggood there is information that those product are compatible (or at least with YLKG07YL, but I thought that only difference with YLKG08YL is 230v switch).

Now I do not know how to pair them. Any help?

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Sorry, there’s no dimmer wall switch currently compatible with Mesh devices.

Any ETA? I just have over 20 useless units in my hands.

Any news???


Too bad but it’s never expected. I think the bluetooth mesh chip is different to keep idle power low.

So fake news then…

It would be really nice to have some kind of table which product is compatible with witch product.

Now I have over 40pc of Yee/Xiaomi product and I do not know what to do.

I want solution where I can use lights with wall switches and with mobile/automation. Is there any?
It is ok if somekind of bridge is needed.

Use any switch in Mi Home especially the aqara switches and set up automations