Mi Desk Lamp becomes unavailable every few minutes

I use the MJTD01YL Yeelight desk Lamp.

As you can see here, it becomes unavailable on the network every few minutes:

This is the same view for a yeelight color bulb 2:

Can you please release an update, that fixes this?

If you need more information, let me know!


Hi Florian, may I ask you if that screen is Home Assistant?

Yes it is

@dingyichen Can you help me here please?

Ah sorry forgot, that you guys currently have chinese new year

I did some more investigation on this issue and it seems, that this is only happening, when I block the internet connection for the lamp. When the internet connection is not blocked, it works fine and does not become unavailable.
All other yeelight products (bulb 1, bulb 2, ceiling, bedside etc) work fine without internet, but the desk lamp does not.

@dingyichen Can you please investigate on this? Thanks!

@liufei @rex_yan1 Please help take a look at the issue.

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@dingyichen Any news on this?

@dingyichen ???