Music Flow

Hi, I bought the YLDP06YL colour LED Bulb specifically to use music flow. However, I have tried everything and just can’t get it working.

When in music mode (in the yeelight app), I have a switch for internal audio or microphone but no play icon or anything else as can be seen in the attached image.

Before you ask, yes both the phone and the bulb are on the same network. I checked in my router and both of them are connected to it through the 2.4ghz option.

Please help as I am starting to thing this thing is useless!!


Which phone do you have? We will take a look at the issue, thanks for your feedback.

Hi, I have a moto G4.

Hi, have you figured it out yet?

Please see a screenshot of my router confirming that both the bulb and the phone are on the same network.

Hi, I got it working after by pressing the inconspicuous little line at the bottom of the phone screenshot. Because it wasn’t something like a play icon, and the touch area of the little line was so small, I couldn’t figure it out. You may want to try and sort this out in your app development.

This is a ui compatible issue, there’s actually a play button at the bottom of the page. We will fix it in next release.

Hi, we build an apk for the issue. You can download it with the link:, the password is 123456. Please have a try.