New V2 bulb, firmware update stuck on "updating" and now offline

Hi All,
I just purchased my first Yeelight bulb, and got it installed without an issue. I saw there was a firmware update, so I decided to update the firmware. Now, about an hour later, the bulb is showing up offline in the Yeelight (although it’s still connected to my router), and in the firmware update menu, it’s still listed as updating, but if I try to select it to see how far along the update is, it just kicks me to the device screen.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Can I somehow reset the bulb back to factory settings? I should say, I’ve tried turning the lightbulb on and off 5 times which doesn’t seem to do anything.

Update: It’s still showing up as offline in the Yeelight app, however if I tell the app to turn off or turn on all devices, the light will turn on and off.