yeelight ceiling homekit

Hello, i have 2 ceiling light at house, tonight both of them lost connection at Home app, but working at MiHome app. I try to add it, but lost home kit activation codes. Is it any way to find this code in app or somewhere else?



There’s a HomeKit code on the base of the ceiling light in case you lost other ones.


thanks, found it tonight!
but this was no helpful for me, homekit devices couldn’t be founded by home app before i made “simple” steps:

  1. reset them to default(turn off 5 times)
  2. delete them from mihome app
  3. add them to yeelight app
  4. turn on lan
  5. wait for several minutes
  6. turn off lan
  7. add them to home app

all this time they normally work from any app except home app. Seems like i’m crazy but i spent nearly 3 hours to return(add one more time, old devices with “no response” label) them to home kit and only these steps combination done the trick =)

Have you tried adding them to Home app firstly instead of yeelight app?