Yeelight Strip becomes offline in App

Hi guys - I’ve got 4 lightstrips in the house and they are all up to date with firmware etc. I’ve got them connected to wifi via a Huawei B525 modem but in the app, most of them (and most of the time all of them) show up as ‘offline’. Even if I remove and add them back after sync etc, they only stay active in the app for a few hours at best. I’ve checked the DHCP on my modem and they all are in the MAC address list but the ones that don’t connect don’t have an IP address assigned to them and the ones that I can see in the list HAVE an IP address assigned (until they also go offline).

What would make them not get an IP address and how can I resolve this please? I want to get more strips added to my house but it’s really frustrating having to control them from the buttons instead of the phone app etc.

What’s the firmware version of strip do you have?

Hi mate, the firmware is showing up as 2.0.6_0073 (and it says its the latest)

HI, guy, you can try modify the router’s DNS server to

Hi - I’ve done that now and also removed all devices from the app as well as DHCP and resynced and added them back in. I still only have 1 out of 3 devices showing up an hour after I added them all back in. Very occasionally I get one more showing up but it goes away after a while also :frowning:

Any ideas guys? I have just bought 4x more extensions and another yeelight … I can’t keep resyncing them everyday…

Exactly the same problem i have got. I asked at the forum like 3 months ago and my problem continues. Without solution…