What's the difference between these ceiling LED?

Considering the model is the same (YLXD05YL 480)… what explains the difference in the price? Is it one that connect to China and the other to Europe? IS is the R/C?


And what about this one: https://www.gearbest.com/smart-lighting/pp_009324441069.html

There’s so many models and versions that I’m lost. Thanks

The cheaper one doesn’t have the remote controller (but you can buy it separately and it works)

do I need to worry with the server?
I heard if it’s China it’s harder to pair and/or slower.

For me no. If you buy item from China and if it doesn’t say “international” or “global” version, then it works only on China server in MiHome. If you use only LIGHTS (Yeelight) then you can use European/USA servers in Yeelight app.

I have no problems in pairing or anything. Sometimes it is a bit slower, i.e. editing automation rules etc…