Yeelight only pretend to care for their "community"!

Its a disgrace that even after 1-2 years they have not released a fix for the 1% problem, but counting on people to ask to be on “white list” bug fix that create other problems? does 400+ people that complained are not enough to issue a firmware update for everyone!?
And how can we forget the famous ridiculous problem that the lights cant be added in MI home app to china servers so they cant be integrated with Xiaomi sensors and act as a smart home…its ok its very logical that 2 products under the same company (wait…Xiaomi owns yeelight right?) cant “talk” to each other.
People spend a lot of money on your bulbs, only to find later issues like the above and a lot of connectivity issues with Alexa.
I’m a Co manager in a very big “smart home” community in Israel, and we all decided to stop recommending yeelight and to switch to other brand due to all of this.
Shame on you Yeelight


Absolutely agree! Own six Yeelight products, but will never ever buy anything from this brand. It’s enough and now I’m out.

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