Which Yeelight LED Ceiling Light to buy?


I just bought a Ceiling LED (45cm) - MJXDD0IYL. I became a fan and I’m always talking about it to people.

My disappointment is that there’s so much confusion around the models and how hard it is to buy a specific one (same with any Xiaomi product). So I asked in a Mi physical Store, sent emails but no one knows/answers. I came here for help.

I want another one Ceiling LED light that:

  • ideally has > 45cm and < 65cm
  • has mood mode (light on top only) (I read somewhere that only the 65cm supports it - not sure)
  • white version (no stars)
  • can connect to European server (I live in Portugal) with Mi Home (not sure if it should be standard or international)
  • can work with a physical remote control
    I can find it in the official site but not in any other store.

I’d really appreciate your help.

Only 650 supports ambient light. There is version without stars. You can connect to european server only from Yeelight app. MiHome can be used only on chinese server, because the device is not sold in Europe.

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This is the kind of information that should be clear on the website. They don’t even have the model numbers stated there for some models.
Thanks a lot.