Yeelight ceiling lamps connection issue

I bought 2 Yeelight LED Ceiling lamps last year (distribution from China I believe), but can’t connect them to the app (neither Yeelight nor Xiaomi).
Based on some threads here and other places I tried different regions and networks, nothing works for now.

My Mi ID is: 6277347356
I’m located in Poland, Europe.


  • both lamps are connected with the remote
  • both lamps are visible when trying to add device
  • when adding they seem to be connecting fine with the phone, but cannot connect with yeeligh/xiaomi servers (time out?)
  • I can see both lamps connected to home wifi

Love the products and definitely planning more if we manage to get them to work :slight_smile:


  1. Describe the network setup as detailed as possible.
  2. Check if the bulb is reachable from LAN. After MiHome shows connection failure, go to the management portal of the router and see if the bulb has IP assigned. If so, try ‘ping’ the bulb.
  3. Find a PC connected to LAN, try ‘ping’ and ‘ping’, both multiple times, and save the screen output.
  4. Setup the PC to use only as DNS resolver, and repeat step 2.

You can try connecting again when you set the router DNS resolver to

It’s about ceiling lamps, not bulbs and still not working - friend suggested that high Mi ID number (6277347356) can be the cause, can you share the service account with low ID number please?

0 - Network (2.4Ghz wifi network from TP-Link Archer 6 router
1 - Both lamps have IPs and are replying to pings
2 - both ping fine
3 - both ping fine

Tried adding the device with DNS set to - exactly the same issue. Please check if high Mi ID number can be the problem.

@luhaobo - can you help, please? Thank You!

Hello, please refer to this topic to see if you are the case:

Thank You @dingyichen, it worked!