Scenes in Google Home

Well, now we are forced to use Mi Home integration instead of Yeelight for Mi devices in Google Home. Alright, but this way the scenes are not working anymore. They exist in Yeelight app, but are not visible for Google Home.

Devs, are there any solutions for this scenes issue? How can we use them again in Google Home?

Please have a try setup scenes from Mihome, and see if you can get these scene from GH.

Nope. I setup some scenes in Mi Home app, but they are not visible in Google Home. Can you please show some examples on how to setup scenes in Mi Home app and use them in Google Home?

@yusure Do you know where to create scenes from Mihome that can be seen from GH?

Sorry, I am not sure about Mihome scenes, by the way, you can send a posts on Xiaomi forum.

Well, that’s nice. Buy products from our super-duper Yeelight, but go complain to Xiaomi. Just another reason to ditch the both.