Color temp with HomeKit

Hi, I’ve linked my Yeelight LED color (V2) to Home app on my iPhone (HomeKit) but I now I can’t change the temperature color on my bulb with the home app/or Siri.
If I try to change the white color temperature it switch to a cold and dim white and won’t change even I choose the warmest temperature. I have to physically turn off and on the bulb to go back to the default temperature and be able ajust the brightness.

Is that a bug? Will it be fixed?

That’s really annoying and to me makes the link to HomeKit useless as I lost functionality…

Hi, did it happened when you change the color temperature with the Yeelight app or MiHome app?

This is a big problem and still present… I got five 1s color bulbs and updated on latest firmware, through HomeKit they receive exclusively HSV commands, before they interpreted it well as I read from other posts (2 years ago!!) and now it doesn’t work anymore.
Apple says the producer should update and fix this in the firmware… please YI, the HomeKit color temperature is unusable as it selects the bulb color mode instead… you must fix this!!!

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