Yeelight RGB integration with Hub and sensors

Hi team,
I have 15+ Yeelight LED bulbs that I currently control using Alexa/Google Home and Amazon dash button. All the lights are on Singapore server on Yeelight app.

I would like to now integrate my Yeelights with a hub and bunch of motion sensors so that my Yeelights can turn on/off when it detects a motion.

Can you please suggest which would be the best Xiaomi/Aqara/Mi Hub and sensors to achieve this?

Thanks in advance for your help


@dalanik possibly you could help me answer my question please as I know you are a pro in this field and would have possibly got all the relevant hubs and sensors in your smart home :slight_smile:
Appreciate your help in advance

You need a hub… There’s a new Xiaomi hub but it is on pre-order. As far as motion sensors are concerned, that’s easy, it’s Aqara… So you have a choice of Mi hub, Aqara hub or wait a bit for new Xiaomi Zigbee3 hub. Aqara has also plans for Zigbee 3 hub…

Don’t bother. The newest version of yeelight bulb, can’t even link it in mihome app.

Thanks mate for your input. Can you please help me to provide link where I can preorder new Xiaomi gateway/hub? Also I am an Android user so you reckon Aqara sensors will be good for me? Also if you could provide me the link where I can buy these sensors that will work with Singapore server that would be awesome :slight_smile:

I think sensors work wit any hub. it is hubs that are for either china or global…



Hi all, I’m moving into my new home in the UK and want it to be a smart home. Does anybody have any suggestions on the best way to go about this on the lighting front? I’m new to all of this. I know I will need 40-50 bulbs to complete every room.

I’d consider buying Yeelight Ceiling lights in some rooms. Bulbs are not bright enough for larger spaces. Also, with Ceiling lights, you can use BLE remote and Yeelight BLE dimmer.