Mi Bedside lamp 2 disappeared from the google home app

I’ve been using my Mi bedside lamp 2 for a few months and it was working great. But suddenly now it disappeared from my google home app, it only finds my yeelight light bulb, my lamp is gone and I can’t use it with voice commands.

I tried removing it from the yeelight app, re adding it and asking google to re sync devices. Nothing.
I removed the account from my google home and re added it, and it still only detects one bulb.

Is there any other steps I can take?

OMG, why don’t you people read a bit of forum before posting questions? Same questions/issues all over again… xiaomi policy has changed and it doesn’t allow Yeelight to support devices that Yeelight made for other brand - that is sold as MIJIA. So you must use Xiaomi skill instead of Yeelight…