Dimmer Switch Smart remote + Spot downlight FAQ /////////////// . YLKG07YL // YLSD01YL // Xiaomi PHilips

Hello, I just signed up because I have a lot of questions and after several days to search I can’t find a satisfactory answer so what could be better than coming to this forum to have answers.
I am French so I will translate this text automatically, please excuse me for the errors it will produce.

I am looking above all for a dimmer of this style YLKG07YL capable of modifying the intensity and the color temperature for the models downlight yeelight YLSD01YL or xiaomi philips

2 / is there a similar dimmer for the wifi version?
Not found unless the above is compatible with wifi, test upon reception!

3 / What are the differences between the wifi and Bluetooth version?
Concretely from what I understood
Wifi for zigbee / alexa / google home … so remote scenario outside the home, longer range, no wall dimmer, more harmful to health because more wifi permanently
Bluetooth for simplicity of connection, dimmer (ceiling compatible only with the latest news)
I surely forgot a lot of stuff so don’t hesitate to complete.

4 / What about alexa / google home / Apple homekit / Zigbee compatibility?
Only the Xiaomi Philips Wifi spot? </ Em>

5 / Is it possible to make groups to light a group of 3 spots out of 9?

  • Yes via the app. For this you must connect the bulbs one by one in order to be able to make several groups. Possibility to activate the different groups thanks to the cube or switch *

"6 / Is it possible to make scenarios like the light turns on slowly when waking up, interacts with other xiaomi products …

  • Yes via the app. *

SUMMARY OF INFORMATION found here and there to differentiate them and buy what you need



Once configured by the mi-home app, the configuration is saved in the bulb if I use the classic wall switch? (or in case of wifi cut?) the scenario behind, would be to be able to adjust the atmosphere with the application, and keep this setting all the time. so only use the wall switch to turn on and off … thanks for your reply

Yup the spots keep in memory the last state in which they were, if it was dim white cold light, that you extinguish and relight it will remain in this state.


Not currently found

WHEEL VARIATOR YEELIGHT not compatible to check

Would only be compatible with Yeelight ceiling lights except test to prove or MAJ
You can use a switch to control multiple lights
You can control the same ceiling light using multiple switches, but only ten can be connected.
Our smart ceiling lights support the xiaomi or aquara switch, but it may need a gateway to connect.
Yeelight wifi compatible? To check forum. Yeelight Wall Switch / Dimmer

Personne ?