Lamps got unavailable every couple of days!

Hi! My Yeelight lamps (Ceiling Light Crystal Pro and Ceiling Light 650) gets unavailable every couple of days. Even remote controls not working. Resetting the devices not giving any result - i’m not able to pair them. But then in couple of hours - they got connected to wifi on their own. I get them like a year ago and everything was totally find till this summer. Then it’s started to happen like ones in couple of monthes, then once in a month. Now its every week or even twice a week.

Could you please push old firmware to my account or provide any kind of support - i have send a lot of feedbacks thru apps with no result at all!!!

Hi,give us your MI ID,and switch server to China mainland,after upgrade the firmare you can switch back to original server。

Hi! My MI ID is : 1746199891


Thanks for a prompt reply!

Just get updated will take a look on the lamps.

Full description of situation (supposed to be in the first message…)

  1. Network setup - Unifi Gateway 3P, Unifi Switch 24, Unifi AP AC Lite (fixed wifi channel, 20mhz width, transmit power - low. All with latest firmware.
  2. Total wifi devices - 56

Device got disconnected

  1. Ceiling Light Crystal Pro
  2. Ceiling Light 650
  3. Smartmi humidifier
  4. Mi Bedside lamp
    Basically - only 4 devices from MI home ecosystem that are equipped with BLE!

What was attempted

  1. Devices on\off
  2. Unifi Gateway restart
  3. AP Restart
  4. Another wifi device was easily paired and connected (philips zhurui wifi downlight)
  5. Same time Mi Bedside lamp - not able to pair and connect (with BT and without it). Then in the morning it gets paired and connected from first attempt.
  6. Wifi network settings changed - from combining 2.4 and 5 to only 2.4. All Mi Devices got disconnected. New WiFi network created and then deleted. Frequency combination turned on back on original network - everything got connected back. All Mi and Yeelight devices.

One more thing to mention - ones Crystal Pro lamp got disconnected (while it was turned off) it starts flashing ones in 5-10 seconds, if it was disconnected while it was turned on - it’s just "breathing@ ones in same 5-10 seconds

Does it work?

yep…for the last 25hours

Can I have the same, please?
My MI ID is: 24640099

So the firmware not helped - just get lamp offline right now. Actually not only lamps but again all 4 devices with BLE hub…crappy things… any more ideas???

and again lamps get unavailable…they even not trying to reconnect…checked on gateway…

is it possible to get on of the oldest firmwares? like one was in feb-march 2019

So i just get my lamps back online. What is strange - during outage time i was not even able connect to the lamp after reset, mi home\yeelight application was seeing BT in lamp and that’s it - not connection were established. And then in one moment - boom…another one atempt and it get’s connected.

Is it possible that some kind of inteferance from WIFI networks prevention to connect via BT? I do tyr to get connected without BT, but there was not yeelink- network forund by iPhone8 as well as Xiaomi MiMax 2.

Any ideas? I have only one - get control board out of the lamps put regular ESP there and work with lamp in on\off mode…or maybe even with out ESP just 220v to LED Driver and thats it…

I’m little bit tired to fight with this …

Yeelight team! It looks like you do not really care of you customers?

This day i got this stupid issue again. An it’s not relatd with my WiFi - I’m already get a new router - same result. Lamps not even trying to connect. It’s software\hardware\hellknows-ware issue. But lamps not even trying to connect. So i’m did rebot the lamp with power - no result. Did 5 on-offs - and again lamp was not able to connect to wifi (checked on router - not a single attempt). I did reset it again with BT turned off on my phone - and there was no yeelink… wifi network created by lamp…

Only devices with BLE gateways are doing this way (i’m using 2 650mm lamps, 1 crystal pro lamp, 7 mi gateways, 12 wifi sockets, mi remote, mi purifier 2s, smartmi humidifier, mi bedside lamp and 3 cameras)…only devices with BLE are behaving this way (in my case they are 650 lamps, crystal pro, bedside lamp and smartmi humidifier). Please do not point to my wifi - right now it’s almost 85 clients online (45 of them are 2.4Ghz) and only mentioned devices got disconnected.

So my question is - is there any way to turn off BLE in your lamps? I don’t need it at all…i don’t really care of humidifier anr bedside lamp - they are not critical…but ceilings are very critical…

Actually there was just same issue with ESP32 boards when WiFi and BLE got enable same time - the board got disconnected randomly (in 1hr and 1 week…) This makes me thinks that this is same kind of story…

Please do not just keep silent…react…finally

I’m getting the same issue here. Was on Australia server, switched to Singapore Server then Mainland China. All Devices keep going offline every few days.

Strangely, when I reset wifi for one of the devices, they all go online again (without needing to reset all).

almost the same - ones one of the “missing” devices got connected all the rest sonnected back also. even with out resetting any one of the - usually it happens in like 2-5 hours.

and all my devices are on Midland China server.

what is strange for me - i’m not able to reset the device once it gets “missing” - 5 on-off making no sense - it’s detected via BT by my iPhone and then nothing - not able to connect to WiFi and no yeelink-… wifi network created…

As my issue is both with Yeelight and also Xiaomi devices, I’ve posted a more detailed thread here with logs:

Yeelight Team! Any feedback\thoughts\ideas?

looks like one of the possible reasons - my son’s Xiaomi Redmi MiMax2 - once i got it turned off - all lamps get connected back after power reset

Can i get BT\BLE turned off on my lamps? somehow…

idea regarding xiaomi cellphone just confirmed. once lamps get off line, power on-off gives no result. switching xiaomi mimax 2 off, power cycling offline devices and they all back online.


stupid devices with no support at all…

Hey Mr!

at least post something…like we dont care about all this or something!!!

please wait we are working on it