notifications sometimes not consistent when switching between moon and normal light


i noticed, e.g. when changing from moonlight 75% brightness to daylight 1% brightness, that notifications light is firing are sometimes not consistent.
There is quite good change, that there is not single notification about property update, but instead two.
First one is changing brightness to 1% and 2nd one is changing also mode.

Hence status reconstructed by local LAN client is for a moment inconsistent - it observes moonLight 1% instead of normal light 1%.

This has consequences, if in that moment client is trying to process user input etc and calculates action based on current light state. Such calculation is than just wrong… i’m facing this issues atm.

tested on 1.5.9_0184

best regards

You mean Yeelight app? iOS or Android?

i mean changes made over local-lan-control protocol and notifications received over local-lan-control protocol.