Yeelight bulb is dead


One of my 7 color bulbs is now dead.

Nothing happens when the wall switch is on and I can see a tiny white flash when I turn it off using the wall switch.

I have tried to reset it but nothing changes and I can’t find it in the app anymore…

Is there something to do to save it?

Nobody cares? :pensive:

you can ask for a replacement or refund from your reseller if it’s still under warranty.

Thank you, I asked the seller and they told me to return the product, which obviously is not a solution as the return shipping cost is much higher than the product price.

As the product is advertised to last 11 years by Yeelight, is there a chance you can assist directly?

I can provide a video as a proof if needed or my account ID.

Please help me, I have 1 yeelight 650
2 Lightstrip
7 color bulbs and I offered several yeelight products to my friends.

Thank you

Happy new year to you all.

Any help for a good customer regarding my issue?

Thank you

You can try to take the bulb down separately and wire the bulb in parallel on both sides of the switch.