No RED, PURPLE neither YELLOW in my strip

Today I have buy the strip. It have not RED, PURPLE neither YELLOW in my strip. ONLY BLUE, WHITE, GREE.

I have tried with Yeelight app and MIhomre App. Manualy neither. Same problem.

This is a joke. The fórum is full of issues with strips.

The fórum is full of issues with strips.

Of course, and it is the same for every product of every company in the world - people come to forums only if the have a problem :slight_smile: So it is kinda normal that you encounter people with problems here :slight_smile: Just go to any other company forum and you’ll see, all kinds of problems…

I have 2 strips and they both work just fine… what does that prove? Nothing :slight_smile:

The problem is that the company don’t give a shit about the led strip issues.
My led strip doesn’t turn off, it is always with the red leds on. The only way to turn it off is pulling out of the energy. I create a lot of posts in this forum and I never get a reply from the company.
The yeelight led strip is totally horrible product

I think it was mentioned somewhere in the thread that this is hardware problem. Is it the regular strip or the aurora strip (extensible)? If aurora, there could be a contact problem (connection of the extensions)…

The forum is full of issues because that is where people who have problem with strips GO when they have problem. The hospital is full of ill people, so you want to conclude that the humanity is mostly ill? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The funny is that when the strip arrived to me it works properly but after some hours (I don’t remember if I updated it’s firmware) the problem started. That is the reason that I don’t believe in hardware problem

Aha, then it could be something with firmware. All posts similar to your had only RED working (if I remember correctly)

The green and blue works too but the red leds is always on so I cannot use only blue leds for example (red leds still on so it becomes purple). The biggest problem for me is that I can’t turn the strip off. Really sad