Xiaomi Yeelights

Hi, I wanted to spark a conversation about these.

I’ve had some of these bulbs for a few months now. Two white, two colour. They’re great. Cannot fault the hardware.

The app however was garbage and completely closed off. Atleast until recently. There’s been a change of hands in that dept and over the last 2 months it’s gotten infinitely better. Culminating in the latest Yeelight beta which brings Tasker control. Which has changed everything, for me atleast and I’ve found it to be utterly reliable and responsive and allows full control of all functions.

There’s very little discussion of these outside of China that I’ve been able to track down so I’d love to hear what those with more home automation experience make of this. The API has also been opened up see
I also have a Xiaomi smart home gateway and wireless switches in transit. I’ll be interested to play around with them even though the API is closed off. If it’s not an utterly disappointing experience I might order one of these which I’ve been fascinated by.