yeelight bulb dont work in alexa yeelight skill

I have one RGB bulb that work very fine in the yeelight application but dont work from many days in alexa yeelight skill. I tryed with the disable and the enable of the yeelight alexa skill, with the bulb reset , with the rediscovery of device but i have yet the message “device not responding” (but at the same time in yeelight apps it respond). This is a big problem for me! Pls help me because if this situation continue i cant use this lamp and for the future i must choose other company

Come on Yeelight Staff. The number of people reporting these problems without an official response from you is getting ridicules.

What is the situation regarding the Alexa skill, why has it become completely unreliable recently? What are you doing to fix it, and how long is it going to take?


I have 2 RGB light and 1 light strip. They only work in the morning (no point cos we all go to work), evening come it don’t work at all. At least u have one. I am starting to regret it. Should have gone for Philips. Alexa skill not working.

We are very sorry. We are still working on it. Please stay tuned.