Yeelight Color LED Bulbs and iOS app no longer working

I have five Yeelight Color LED Bulbs which are the ones with the grey base. I have been using them mainly when I have been away from home for security reasons but recently wanted to use one of them to create a low light to watch a film but realised that there was a connection problem so abandoned the idea of trying to fix it until the following day when I had more time.

I eventually had to reset all the bulbs which I managed to do reasonably quickly having gone through the process before and everything seemed to be okay until I decided to set the timers again for going away.

The status of the bulbs in the iOS app on both by iPad and iPhone was totally unreliable. It would sometimes say that the bulbs were on when they were off and off when they were on, or even online when they were switched off. All the bulbs said that they required a firmware update and one updated easily, three took many attempts and one would not update at all and I gave up.

I really needed to get the problem sorted out so I decided to reset everything and start from scratch and even deleted the app from my iPad.

Unfortunately, since having re-installed the app on my iPad, I can no longer configure the bulbs at all. I get to the stage where my iPad connects to the bulb’s WiFi and then the progress stops at 25% before I get the message saying that connection has failed.

I have tried changing servers. They were originally configured using the US server but now the configuration recommends the German server but it doesn’t matter what I choose, none of the bulbs will connect.

I have read on the iOS app reviews that other people have had identical problems so I hope it is a problem which is going to be fixed otherwise I seem to have five very expensive inactive white bulbs.

For upgrade issue, please try again. Xiaomi backend sever changed the CDN strategy recently. And for connection issue, please refer into Yeelight strip app integration stops at 25%
And a new version app 3.3.06 fixing some login and logout issue is in review, and you can try when it is ready for sale.