All device in unresponsive on alexa

I have 2 yeelight rgb light bulb v2 and 2 lightstrip which worked just fine yesterday. Suddenly this morning it doesnt work anymore and in the alexa app it says device is unresponsive for all of them. Ive tried removing all of em and discovering them again. And it still says unresponsive. Help?

I’ve the same problem. All unresponsive in Alexa App yet work perfectly in Yeelight app. It’s happening every evening but work again next morning! Really annoying!

Apparently a fix is to delete the Yeelight App and Alexa Skill and install the Mi Home App and Alexa Skill as it works better and is more stable, but Alexa only recognises version 1 Yeelights in it.

Are there any plans to fix this issue?

Use the Mi Home app instead. The Yeelight app no longer works with Alexa for many products.

2 bulbs v2 and 1 lightstrip plus. Recognizes only the strip :disappointed: