Yeelight dont response with Alexa

I have Alexa and Yeelight skill.
I got 2 yeelight bulb color (600 lumen) and 2 yeelight color bulb II (800 lumen).

I use it with Alexa, in the morning no problem but in evening I have no response from Yeelight.

I use German server ( I am italian).
Please can you fix the skill? It is buggy.

This is my log
Timestamp : 2019/12/07 23:20:36.690 UTC


Yes I’ve the same problem!! :frowning:

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I have the same problem. I live in UK. I use German server, i;ve tried Singapore server as well.

I use Alexa, work in the morning and don’t in the evening. My wife is laughing at me cos i am wasting money on this stuff. She ask me to use back the old method where u on and off using the old school method.

Change all your lights to the Mi Home app and they will all work again.

I don’t like Mi Home, I prefer Yeelight app.
I hope the team fix the issue connection problem.

In this evening Yeelight works perfectly.

I agree the Yeelight app is a lot better for these lights.

Alexa will not detect Yeelight bulb 2 with the Mi Home Skill. Only with Yeelight. How can we fix the issue ?

We have made some improvement on server side, if you still see the latency issue, please re-discover yeelight devices and try again.

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Now works perfectly, thank you.