Yeelight 650 - WiFi disconnecting issue


I have problem with my Yeelight 650. The light disconnects from my WiFi after some time and I must reset it and it not everytime connects to Wifi after first reset(off/on switch).

I’m from Slovakia and I’m connected to Germany server(first time I tried China server, but I have changed it to Germany server).

Its firmware is 1.5.9_0053 (the latest what app shows).

Thanks for help!

Hi,it looks like router compatibility issue。Please give me your Mi ID,I’ill add you to the whitelist,you should first switch to China server then upgrade to 1.6.6_xxxx,after that you can switch back to other server。


my Mi ID is 1760167813

I use TP-Link Deco M4 and I disabled mesh switching for light, but it didn’t help.
Okay, I’ll switch to China server.



I must say after 6 days that new firmware helped, but not for 100%.
It’s not disconnecting so often than before, sometimes 1 time in 2 days, sometime 3 times in 1 day. But it’s still doing.

Is there anything else that could help me?


same issue there…Lamps got unavailable every couple of days!

does’t look like yeelight even reads this…

Hello! Yea, it’s some bug. They added me on whitelist to download new firmware and it helped, but not fixed the problem for 100%. And now no responde from them too. Hope they will fix it, cuz they have great products, but firmware with lot of bugs.

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