Lights reseting when turned off (switched off) - do not remember colour

I have 7 xiaomi / yeeligth lamps. 1 of them (this: works as it should, when I adjust the colour and intensity of the light, switch it off (power off , electricity cut with a normal switch) and turn it back on, it turns back in the setting as it was turned off.

However all the others, 6, from which 1 is this ( and 5 are this: ( never keep the setting after switch off and back on. They turn back on always the same, not remembering the setting that was actual when I turned them off. I did check the setting via the MI app, I have the setting for Default State and it’s on that it should remember, however it just does not. (actually tried both setting options, none helped).
Tried also setting up a custom default state and save it, did not work either.

I’m totally disappointed, the whole point me buying all these lights was that i can control the settings of each individually and have them as I like, however it just does not work as it should. My brother has the same lights (the round 32cm ones, which I have 5 of) and it works just fine for him.

PS: i did update the firmware of them too, not helped.

Please help.