Bulbs on Google Home, scenes don't work.

Hi, my bulbs became not stable with Google Home. I’ve 3 bulbs and 2 desk lamp on my Yeelight account. Obviously, they appear also on Mi Home account so I don’t use this account on my Google Home to avoid duplicate. I noticed that in these days a scene was not called in a routine and when I turned off the light I listen that the two light will be turned off… Now, I’m sure that my light “Luce camera da letto” is a single bulb. I suppose something was not ok with the Google Home’s sync. So, I tried to resync my account and to sync devices but the scene works only for the first time, after that, Google home can’t recognize the scene and the lights returned to be two instead of one. Moreover, I noticed that in Google Home the desk lamp disappeared and I know that if I set my Mi Home account lights will be duplicated. How can I solve the scene issue and the sync issue?

I use IFTTT to launch Yeelight scenes using Google Assistant commands.

It is annoying to me because also my girlfriend want to use scene so I’ve to copy all the ifttt on her phone