Alexa cannot discover new yeelight

As title, alexa can’t discover a new yeelight:

  • my old yeelights work fine with alexa and yeelight app
  • new bulb work well just on yeelight app
  • alexa can’t discover new bulb and new scenarios
  • amazon/yeelight account are synced well and activated
  • firmware are updated
  • italian alexa skill
  • no connection/router problems
  • german server

Please help!

Could you please tell us what brand(Yeelight or Xiaomi) of lights that our skill can not discover?

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  • Yeelight color bulbs
  • Yeelight app
  • Yeelight skill on Alexa

Please help! Yeelight alexa skill in Italy is ranked 1/5 stars right now. It seems that the problem here is really common.

Use the Mi Home app istead of the Yeelight app.